Social Media

We need your help to make sure 4-H alumni all across the state of Iowa know about #GrowIowa4H. Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; change your profile pictures; and tell your 4-H friends that on October 5th, their gift can make a huge difference. Help us spread the word on social media leading up to Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H. Make sure that you tag the Iowa 4-H Foundation in any of your #GrowIowa4H posts so that we can connect with you.
But don't stop there: keep the momentum going all day long on Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H! Feel free to use the sample posts below, or come up with your own.

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Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H Basics

  • Website:
  • Hashtag: #GrowIowa4H
  • Facebook: Iowa 4-H Foundation
    Make sure you "Like" the Iowa 4-H Foundation page and remember to make your post public so it can show up on the social media board on the website.
  • Twitter: ia4hfoundation
  • Instagram: ia4hfoundation

Sample Timeline for Posting

    - 1-2 times/week (Now-September 25)
    - 3-4 times/week (September 27 - October 3)
    - At least 1/day (October 3-4) *Build Energy*
    - Day of - share Foundation challenge posts, reshare photos or memories from alumni in your county, *Lots of Energy*

      Sample Social Media Posts

      BEFORE Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H

      • Join me in supporting #GrowIowa4H on October 5th! We have just 24 hours to give back to the organization that has given so much! Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H. *insert a graphic*
      • Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H. Mark your calendars for October 5th! #GrowIowa4H is the day to show your support for Iowa’s largest youth development program!
      • STEM. Communications and the arts. Citizenship and leadership. Healthy living. Wherever you give on October 5th, Iowa 4-H’ers will be thankful! #GrowIowa4H
      • #GrowIowa4H is just around the corner. Make sure that you are following the Iowa 4-H Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @ia4hfoundation to stay connected!
      • Hey, Iowa 4-H Supporters! On October 5th, the Iowa 4-H Foundation is holding their 4th Giving Day! You will have just 24 hours to give back to the organization that helped YOU grow when you were growing up. Take a minute to check out the site and see all that Iowa 4-H is up to! Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H. #GrowIowa4H
      • The Iowa 4-H Foundation is celebrating National 4-H Week by holding their fourth Iowa 4-H Day of Giving. Join me in helping #GrowIowa4H!
      • Have you heard about #GrowIowa4H!? The Iowa 4-H Foundation is bringing back its day of giving! Help us #GrowIowa4H!

    DURING Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H

    • Share throwback photos from your time in 4-H. Tag your friends so they are sure to see the post.
      • *Post 4-H throwback* Today I donated to #GrowIowa4H … *person writes their favorite 4-H memory or how 4-H impacted them growing up and now*
    • Post a picture of yourself/family/co-workers/etc. wearing 4-H Green.
      • Go Green. Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H. #GrowIowa4H
    • Share a picture of you and your kids in 4-H gear or doing a 4-H project area activity. "Future 4-H’er? #GrowIowa4H" or “Past and present 4-H’ers! #GrowIowa4H”
    • “We donated to *insert project area here* to help #GrowIowa4H!” *Add photo (throwback or of kids) in that project area
    • We are so excited to support #GrowIowa4H! Donate on this Day of Giving by following this link:
    • This is how I #GrowIowa4H *a photo of your everyday life that relates back to one of the project areas; ex: farmers show their daily life for STEM, someone who exercised or had a healthy lunch for healthy living, a person’s desk at work maybe with a keyboard/computer, phone or camera for communications and the arts, etc.)
    • When you donate to #GrowIowa4H, you are helping grow the youth of Iowa. Thank you, from future engineers, scientists, writers, artists, farmers, politicians, athletes, leaders and so many more. #GrowIowa4H ---- could add photos of kids showing livestock, camera corps, etc.

    Facebook Tips

    Looking to get the word out with Facebook? This guide will help you get started and on the road to creating a successful strategy.

    Below is a list of ways you can begin engaging your community for #GrowIowa4H!

    Get started by liking the Iowa 4-H Foundation page. This will allow you to get updates, important information and tips for Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H.

    Talk it up! Tell everyone that you are participating in Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H. Use some of the suggested messaging above. Let them know how they can donate and ask them to spread the word.

    Interact with other supporters. Make sure to TAG the Iowa 4-H Foundation whenever you post. Share and comment on our #GrowIowa4H posts and other’s throughout the day.

    Do all of the above and repeat...again and again and again.

    Twitter Tips

    Want to quickly engage donors and share information about your fundraising efforts? Twitter is instant and efficient! If you’re new to Twitter, they offer a getting started guide for newbies.

    Below you will find a few tips to help you have success.

    Follow @IA4HFoundation’s Twitter account. Go to and click the Follow button. Now you can begin receiving and sharing information about Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H.

    Tell your followers that you are participating in #GrowIowa4H. Tell your followers about Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H Giving Day and why you support. Use some of the suggested messages provided.

    Use Hashtags and Handles. Whenever you tweet include the @IA4HFoundation handle and hashtag #GrowIowa4H to show that you are a part of Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H. (People who are interested in a particular event, person or business will follow the hashtag to stay up-to-date on any conversations around their topic of interest.)

    Don’t just follow! Become a part of the conversation. Let people know that you are out there and engaged. Respond to tweets like you are holding a conversation. You never know where this may lead.

    Share pictures, videos and interesting content. Twitter is not just about your ‘words’. Pictures and videos draw people in, and sharing interesting articles about what you and others are doing shows that you are part of a community.

    Tweet, retweet and favorite! (Especially on the day of Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H)

    Instagram Tips

    Looking to harness the power of visual communication? Take advantage of the ability to communicate with your potential supporters with impactful images and catchy captions. Never used Instagram? Check out Instagram’s “Getting Started on Instagram” guide to setup your account now!

    Here’s your Instagram checklist:

    Follow @ia4hfoundation on Instagram. Head to to “Follow” the activity around Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H.

    Connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Make sure that your Instagram posts are automatically posted on Facebook. Connecting Facebook and Instagram harnesses the power of both social media platforms at once and allows you to reach a wider audience.

    Socialize! Like other posts tied to Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H, create and share a story around 4-H, re-share any posts from @ia4hfoundation or other supporters that stand out and speak to you.

    Use the #GrowIowa4H hashtag. sing the hashtag will help tie all Instagram activity around Give.Grow.Iowa 4-H together. Feel free to throw in some other creative hashtags around 4-H and why you give (3-5 hashtags per post is the sweet spot).

    Have fun! Instagram is a really playful platform, and the perfect opportunity to let your unique personality, humor and convictions shine through your photos, captions and hashtags!