Get Involved!

Give. Grow. Iowa 4-H is finally here! How can YOU get involved and help make history for this special day?

Whether you’re a supporter who would like to help fundraise, a business or corporate representative who would like to act as a sponsor, or an individual looking to give back through donating or volunteering, there’s a place for everyone to get involved during Give. Grow. Iowa 4-H!


Do you want to help build momentum and excitement for Give. Grow. Iowa 4-H? Sign up to be a champion! We'll be sending special communications leading up to Give. Grow. Iowa 4-H that will include media to push out via your networks and templates and tools to help you spread the word. #GrowIowa4H! Email Melanie at:

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Is there a certain area that made an impact on your 4-H experience? Or are you looking to see what program areas could use additional funding? Be sure to view the different priority areas you can direct your giving towards. And don't forget to share what makes you give back and #GrowIowa4H with your network!

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Businesses & Sponsors

Sponsoring Give. Grow. Iowa 4-H means that your business helps out this great cause while simultaneously gaining positive exposure through high traffic to the website. Learn more about becoming a sponsor for Give. Grow. Iowa 4-H by contacting

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We have created graphics and templates for you to use in sharing #GrowIowa4H! Check out our Sharing Tools for resources that include images, social media templates, and e-mail suggestions. We need your help in spreading the word to Iowa 4-H alumni and friends about Give. Grow. Iowa 4-H Giving Day!

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